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Landing Page Optimization

A landing page is any page on your website that a person could land on by clicking on a search engine result or a link aimed at your website from somewhere else on the web.

This could be your homepage or a significant sub-page that hosts service or product information. It’s essential that your web pages, especially those that “sell” for you, are not only optimized for the search engines but for the customers as well. SEO allows people your site, LPO allows that visitors turn.

Our landing page optimization services include using tried and true techniques and best practices that we have developed over several years of experimenting and testing.

Landing Page Optimization (LPO) is a focused aspect of transformation rate optimization with the goal of getting customers that enter or land on a given site to take activity / turn. Unlike a traditional web page, a web page is designed as a separate experience including all elements necessary for a person for making an informed decision and takes the desired activity. Disruptions are reduced which includes removal of standard top or side navigation choices and related sidebar content. All aspects of the website support the consumer taking a single call-to-action.

Currently about 80% of campaigns send visitors current web pages which sadly results in poor message match, uncertain channel paths, and low transformation. If you’re hanging out and money to advertise and promote your business, isn’t it time for making sure those investments pay off? Thewebtechi can help you optimize your landing pages and boost ROI for current marketing efforts.

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